We do not assign grades or ratings to any restaurant; with us, everything is “Pass/Fail.”  When customers indicate they do (or will) return, we are happy to add that restaurant to this website.   We never check with the City’s Department of Hygiene/Sanitation.  We evaluate all types of restaurants, from “extremely ethnic” to “extremely American.”   Menu pricing is only a minor consideration, as wonderful dining is often available at moderate pricing.  If a wonderful restaurant does not appear on our list, it’s either because we have not yet heard of it, or......they don’t have their own, dedicated website.

G.R. Bernard is the website owner.   He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing and Economics from Whittier College; also a Master’s Degree in Education from Chapman University.   He has traveled through all 50 states, and has resided in Florida, Virginia, North Carolina, and California.  Commissioned Officer, USMC (now retired).  Many of our tips are from people who served with Bernard in the Marines.  However, we are glad to hear from anybody with a worthwhile suggestion.

Restaurant Owners should Click Here (restaurant certificate.pdf) to view, then print, then display your Certificate of “Superior” Service.